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Saakita is an indie hip-hop artist born and raised in Houston, Texas. She has a unique style, swag, and flow that is not the typical Houston sound. Her fans love her unique sound, vibe, and character. Saakita is the CEO of her own record label GreenGodddess Entertainment Consulting & Marketing. Raised in a Christian based environment, music was very prominent in her upbringing. The love of music became second nature to Saakita, as she and her siblings would often sing in the choir at her childhood church. Her first love was for Gospel music, which eventually lead to exploring her musical talents in Hip-Hop, Rap, and Neo-Soul. After returning home from college, Saakita began rapping with some of her friends inside her apartment. What started out as a hobby quickly turned serious after receiving positive feedback

about her style, sound, and flow. Soon after, Saakita started doing showcases around her hometown to promote her music. Having an appreciation for the hip-hop and rap culture, Saakita credits her style from listening to those that have paved the way, such as MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Common, Chance the Rapper, and Rapsody, to name a few. Saakita released her first single titled, "Courtesy", in July of 2019; followed by "Celebrate" in September 2019. Her 2020 releases include "Make That Money" in February and "Elastic Girl" in June. Saakita's wide range of taste in music keeps her open to releasing various styles of music. She is an artist that does not mind expressing a side of music that is different from the mainstream.

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