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Esteemed and celebrated indie Hip Hop artist Rellgeez had a passion for music that stemmed at the age of ten. The Philadelphia native sought out to become a household name. “My music is smooth, rough, rugged, soft, hard, sharp bars, and with my love for Hip Hop and R&B audiences get the best of both worlds.”


The origin of the stage name Rellgeez came about from his former barbershop where he always showed up fly and fresh, which also describes his persona as an artist. As he matured in age, Rellgeez began to follow how indie artists move and promote their talents and artistry as well as performing on tour. He specifically was drawn in by Usher, Dru Hill, New Edition and new age artists such as Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Tory Lanez, along with Meek Mill.


In 2018 Rellgeez made the decision to turn his passion into a career. He spent his time networking and building relationships with professionals in the music industry. He pushed full throttle to learn and gain knowledge on both the business side and the music side. Rellgeez met Richie Brainiac who became his mentor and in 2020 he debuted his solo album ‘The Freshman.’ The album took off with over 10K streams, FM radio play, and picked up by major media outlets.


With the immediate success from ‘The Freshman’ Rellgeez was swarmed by a fanbase that wanted more music from him, so he did just that. After the album, Rellgeez went on to release numerous singles and collaborations with LA Born Hollywood, Ambitious Feek, Tra Prada, Adonis, Queen Nesh, DaRealist, and more.


Rellgeez used his fly and fresh swag along with his high-energy and hit the stage life. He performed his hit singles at distinguished venues up and down the Tri-State area including Oasis Hookah Lounge, Voltage Lounge, Rusty Nail, Marshall Shadeland, and that’s only naming a few. Fans traveled from Philly to Delaware to Albany, DC, and Pittsburgh to see Rellgeez perform on stage.


What came next for Rellgeez was a game changer, performing on American Idol and The Voice. What he sought out at the age of 10 was flourishing into existence. His face was seen on The Indie Faces, Stardom101, Limitless Magazine, Hood Certified, Urban Magazine, Da Joint Promotions, and more magazines. He was also awarded best performance at a showcase in Washington DC.


“I have a humble heart, aiming to become the best businessman and entertainer I can be. I want audiences to capture and embrace my talents as a lyricist, singer, and performer.”


To date, Rellgeez is in the studio polishing up his next album and EP, performing, and expanding his brand.


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