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George "PrettyBoyBeats" Seals is a music producer from Houston. Currently, he works and lives in Miami, Florida. George is a respected talent in his own right.  Growing up George was an outstanding student but wasn't into music outside of casual listening and playing around with his vocal recordings on his favorite toy "The Talkboy".   Right before his teenage years, George Moved to Nashville "Music City" TN and this would forever change the trajectory of his life and music career.  In middle school, George began getting deeper into music since he was in a new city and had to make new friends. This is where his first band was started.  From there he casually started playing guitar and discovered his DAW of choice FL Studio. Initially, his beats were simple, basic but 808 heavy.  George was into car audio, and he found a nice niche selling beat CDs at Sound competitions.   From there he began collaborating on beats with his friends and starting to make beats for artists.  


As George began to develop his skills, he reached out to bigger names from which to learn.  One of the first people to help take George's sound to the next level was Grammy-winning engineer Jason Goldstein which was an amazingly influential experience for him as he learned more about great mixing principles and techniques and how tracks are supposed to sound. From there the portfolio includes many platinum-selling collaborations with top producers. These include The Drum Majorz, Bolo, Willie Clark, Chocolate Perry, Cee Copleland, Jeff Shannon, Mark Thompson, and more. 


Early on, George started his OWN publishing company, George Seals Music (B.M.I.). with the blessing of Perry Howard (BMI) and His journey led him to work with prestigious names like Intrinsic Management / G.O.O.D. Music and MTV. He also ghost-produced tracks for Atlantic Records and others. Notably, George's productions featured in domestic and international films, earning the industry's respect. He has been forging successful partnerships with major corporations since 2012. Industry executives like Don Zimmerman, Teddy Riley, Verna Miles, Jeff Fenster, and even caught the attention of Lyor Cohen.  


Among other releases, George put out “Miami Nights 1 and 2.” These two ambitious projects offered a broader perspective of his creative vision. The work paid off, and the artist received significant critical praise and acclaim for “Miami Nights 1 and 2!” George has been instrumental in the success of several musical acts. He produced for the best-selling Atlanta girl group NEON. His contribution propelled them to national fame. They also had the opportunity to perform alongside artists like Gucci Mane, Ludacris, Lloyd, and Keri Hilson. Additionally, he worked with J.Bone. The artist sold over 8,700 units and shared the stage with Soulja Boy, The Dream, and Twista. George "PrettyBoyBeats" Seals stood out with the release of "Primate Goodfellaz." The work garnered a dedicated following with over 30,000 worldwide downloads. The lead single, "Its My Birthday," from the same album, has been a hit on YouTube, amassing over 480,000 views. In 2012, George collaborated with N.B.C.'s hit show "THE VOICE." He scouted fresh talent through private auditions nationwide, and two of his talents made it onto the Finals and were able to secure deals from their performances.  


George's list of exciting new endeavors is seemingly never-ending. He recently unveiled a thrilling new project called "Direct Hit Club." This new endeavor also features the highly anticipated "Dream of You." This hot upcoming track is scheduled for release on August 8th, 2023, and has already generated significant anticipation among his fans. hold him in high regard. Among other releases, Stay tuned for his upcoming merch and collective brand "Laptop Trappers". 



Pretty Boy Beats

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