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Leonard Hankins, aka Metro Born in Richmond VA, raised in Alexandria, VA I never was inspired by a famous artist, my motivation came from my older and youngest brother heard them spitting, and I followed. I started 1st writing poetry 1st, and then it leads up to music. I was 17 than age 19, I was arrest served three years, and while being locked up, I started to take it more dangerous. In 2012 I came home and jumped right on the Eddie Cane Show in DC. I received a lot of love from him and was invited back. Unfortunately, I was able to go back due to some life decisions. I do have three other siblings, but basically, I am the only child left. Music is my way of coping with some of my problems, I've opened up for Mykko Montana in VA, but I've performed in DC, and VA a lot threw out these two places. 




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