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Maurice Marshall, better known as Kase 1hunnid, got his start in Miami’s Liberty City. Hailing from the hood known as Poonville, Kase 1hunnid had a rough start at life. Kase 1hunnid’s father was shot when he was just one year old, and at the same time, his mother was heavily addicted to drugs. With neither his father nor his mother able to properly care for him, Kase 1hunnid’s father’s parents stepped in to raise him. Kase 1hunnid’s grandparents did all they could to provide a stable environment for him; however, they were no match for the calling of the streets. A call that Kase 1hunnid would answer and would eventually get him caught up with the Feds and locked up for over six years on drug and gun-related charges.


Although his bid changed his outlook on life and prompted him to keep his head in the music, Kase 1hunnid was already an accomplished songwriter and artist before he went to prison. Kase 1hunnid began playing around with music with his friends in elementary school. Freestyling and battle rapping to past the time. A hobby that continued well after high school, and in time he formed the group ‘Lost Tribe.’ Lost Tribe’s talents would eventually catch the attention of Slip-N-Slide Records executives and get him his first record deal. Kase 1hunnid’s group never actually got the opportunity to put out an album, but that didn’t stop him from having a hand in much of the early successes under Slip-N-Slide Record’s belt.


Kase 1hunnid used his songwriting talent to write hooks and verses for different label mates, including Miami’s own Trick Daddy on a track called “Let’s Go” and the baddest bitch Trina on “Pull Over.” Both Trick Daddy’s “Let’s Go” and Trina’s “Pull Over” went on to be the biggest records of their careers with “Let’s Go” remaining at #4 on the Billboard Charts Hot 100 for four weeks. Kase 1hunnid has received several gold and platinum plaques, but admits the accomplishment he’s most proud of is the BMI award he snagged in 2006 for the Trick Daddy hit, “Let’s Go.”


Kase 1hunnid doesn’t skip a beat in reminding the world of his songwriting talent. In no time after his release in 2015, Kase 1hunnid jumped right back into the studio. He linked up with fellow Miami artist YD and put out the hood anthem, “I Luv My Dawgs.” Kase 1hunnid then recruited the legendary Snoop Dogg and Miami native Rick Ross for the official “OG Remix” which is now starting to pick up steam. With the first single blazing the airwaves, Kase 1hunnid is planning on dropping his “I Luv My Dawgs” EP this summer as an independent artist on his own label. Shortly after gaining his freedom, he started forming his own label called Platinum Spoon Records, which he eventually plans on signing additional talent. Outside of music, Kase 1hunnid has plans to open his own trucking company to go along with his long list of accomplishments. After all, he has been through it’s no secret that what sets Kase 1hunnid apart from other artists is his talent, hard work, and dedication to his dream. Kase 1hunnid remains humble and pens all his music based on his own life story keeping it the only way he knows how... 1hunnid!



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