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F.A.B Moe, born Maurice Howe in Washington DC, is a hip-hop artist who was inspired

by his fellow DC hip-hop natives WALE and Fat Trell both of whom signed to nationally

known megastar Rick Ross’s imprint Maybach Music Group. After running the streets

as a troubled youth, F.A.B. Moe decided to turn his life around and now has a new

focus as a man of God. He wants to use his music to be a positive influence on our

youth of today and to help create positive change throughout our society.

F.A.B Moe has been creating and building his fan base in DC by performing in local

clubs and also working as a club promoter at some of the DC hottest clubs such as Lux

Lounge, Pure Lounge, Bliss Night club, and Layla Lounge to name a few.

The next step in F.A.B. Moe’s hip-hop journey is to expand his audience/presence from

a local level to a national one. To achieve that goal he determined that professional

representation and guidance was necessary. F.A.B. Moe’s good friend and mentor

Tamara Mock suggested working with music industry veteran Steve “Face” Riley CEO

of FMBMC aka (Faces Music Business Management Consulting). And now with

FMBMC in his corner along with Tamara Mock F.A.B. Moe is sure to become a very

relevant artist in the music industry.


F.A.B Moe

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