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My name is Chantilly "Cleva Thoughts" Kornegay. I was born January 20, 1985 in Bronx, NY to Gina and Russell. I was introduced to a wide variety of music like reggae, Latino, R-N-B, House, and jazz but hip hop influenced me at an early age.


I could not stop reciting LL Cool J “Around the Way”. I was impressed with the be-boy dance moves, heavy chains, rap lyrics, fashion and just the overall culture. Walking down the street in New York City is so inspiring to new eyes and to thrive in its diversity is an experience in of itself.


When I was 10 my mother decided to uproot and move to Maryland with me, my stepfather and my 3 siblings. I had to leave behind all my cousins and the comfort of family to start new. My mother hoped to give us a better chance at life and take us away from potential hardships. It was a nice dream, and everything seemed to be going well until everyone realized I was from NY. Then it was constant fighting until I gained respect from those in that area. Since then, I have been a part of the DMV family and gained many friends and new family.


I got introduced to my love for music when I was 13. I went away one summer to Massachusetts with my uncle and cousins. My Uncle was a musician that played Keyboard and the Bass guitar he traveled with a band. That summer I wrote my first 16 bars to one of his Jazzy instrumentals. It wouldn’t be until I was 15 or 16 when I got my first computer. I learned to record music and make beats. I was trash but I kept practicing anyways, I would freestyle and record with all my friends on the block in Palmer Park, MD. I was able to refine my technique, style and delivery into something unique and explosive. Since then, I have written and recorded hundreds of songs that I shared with many for free just because I had a passion for it and I believed in myself.


I've performed in DC, MD, TX and NY. I've been in a magazine featuring Tech N9Ne as well as various underground radio stations including Rolling with Swanny River. I network and collaborate with artists from around the world including, London, Jamaica, Cali, and Africa. Over the past year and some change, I have been in business providing songwriting services that cater to producers, artists, labels, podcasts, and various brands. The genres I write in are Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Trap, EDM, and Dub-Step.


I just graduated June 2019 from Strayer University with my bachelor’s degree in information technology. I understand the importance of education through my mother and grandmother who are both college graduates. I chose to go to college because I want to make sure my daughter knows people have died for us to receive education and we should take advantage of the opportunity to better ourselves.


I've had a few things I've become good at but, songwriting, recording, producing, graphic design, social media networking, web development, video editing, photography, performing and marketing are my highlights.


I'm passionate about giving back to the music community. So check out The Female Music Artist Association on Facebook. I have just purchased a domain called and I will apply my web development skills I’ve learned in college to build a platform for music artists to potentially earn some money through professional collaborations and business opportunities. This development will take a while but it’s my contribution so I will do it right.


Cleva Thoughts

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