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Men At Large discovered by the late great Gerald Levert are the last of a dying breed! In 1992 Men At Large shocked the world with its self-titled debut on the Atlantic Records label. Their first single "Use Me" became an instant radio hit inspiring B.E.T, to use it for a station jingle.They would go on to release 4 more singles from the cd. "You Me", "Umm Umm Good", "Would You Like to Dance", and the RnB Classic "So Alone" which made Billboard Hot 100 list and was radio's #1 song of the year in 1993. Traveling the world with its other 90's cohorts (Rude Boys, Shai, Silk, H-Town, Levert, S.W.V. etc)  they would leave each city with the reputation of being the "Show Stoppers!"


It didn't stop there in 1994 they released "One Size Fits All" again garnering critical acclaim. Releasing 2 singles "Let's Talk About It" and "Holiday" top 10 and 20 respectively they continued to shock the world town by town. Being bred by Eddie and Gerald Levert gave these 2 an obvious advantage. As time moved on the duo would sever ties with the Levert camp only to find the next chapters not as plentiful as the beginning. Still riding off the success of its first 2 records the boys would continue to ride the rails of success as the people just couldn't get enough of the boys. In 1999 and 2007 they released "Love Struggle and Progress" and "Back on Top" doing mediocre numbers but plentiful on an independent level winning best group awards and independent video of the year nominations, only to lose to the great Kenny Rogers. The group still tours extensively around the country with their 90s music peers leaving the crowd amazed and wanting more.  Their powerful vocals and zany stage antics keep the fans applauding.  Bred from the Levert pedigree what else would you expect! They're also part of an incredible new project that features Silk, Troop, and J. Holiday! "Growth of a Man Inspired by Her" is an album with songs all dedicated to the ladies.  The proceeds from the project all go to the  G.E.M.S. and A.E.R. foundations whose sole objective is to create greater educational opportunities for inner-city youths!  The first single "Date Night" is an ode to traditional RnB and the way relationships used to be created by dating and getting to know one another.  Men at Large is leading the pack with this one. Their smooth vocals and infectious melodies will make the world sing and help them remember why Men at Large are truly the "Heavyweight Champs of RnB"!




1992 Men At Large



1994 One Size Fits All



1997 Love Struggle & Progress

Rival (Indi)


2007 Back On Top

Couzan (Indi)



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