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At 19 years young, standing at 6’1, Camden Royster, also known as Kam Young, is best known for his passion to create a “different” type of music. Born in French Camp, California and raised in between Sacramento, California & Brooklyn, New York, Kam has experienced both sides of the United States. When it comes to making music Kam makes sure to express his faith in Jesus Christ, as well as real-life issues that he faces as a teenager out on his own. Kam doesn’t assign himself to a certain genre, instead, he talks about the things that make him stand out from the generation he lives in. Started taking music serious in October 2015, Kam has released one mixtape titled “What If I Make It” under Black Market Records & is looking to release his first album titled “More Than Me” In August 2017. Throughout his projects, he wants to show that music is one of the keys to solving some of the issues we have in society. In other words, music can be a pollution to our society or it can be a motivation to our society. He hopes to create a balance of the positivity that needs to be spread around the world & the things that tend to bring us down as people



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