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As a youth growing up in the South Jamaica area of Queens, New York, Granddaddy Trigg was inspired by artists like the Lost Boyz, Nas, and Busta Rhymes. He started writing poetry at the age of 11, and while serving time at a children's detention center at the tender age of 12, his poetry quickly transformed into hip-hop lyrics.


Growing up playing basketball and writing rhymes, Granddaddy Trigg dedicated all his free time to the music. By the age of 19, he was performing at talent shows and hip-hop showcases all over the tri-state area. He won the majority of the competitions under the name Trigga or Tri-State Trigga , which he changed after making a name for himself burning down the tri-state area. In no time, Granddaddy Trigg begins opening for major artists such as Mobb Deep, Cash Money, MOP, and many more.


Granddaddy Trigg explored the “mixtape” market by releasing music, which led him to do national shows in Boston, North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, as well as international locales. Granddaddy Trigg was recruited by G Unit's Tony Yayo, playing the role of his hype man on a 45 city tour, “Thoughts of a Predicate Felon”. Granddaddy Trigg is an inventive and energetic artist who thrives off of life's obstacles and the pleasure derived from creating music. With the street level wittiness of a 50 Cent and the stage presence of a Busta Rhymes, he continues to produce hot music and burn down shows all over the U.S.


Granddaddy Trigg is an elite underground artist with more than a decade of experience in the music industry. He has mastered his craft and can be viewed as a testament to hip-hop in its rarest form. Grandaddy is presently relishing in the release of the Now or Never Mixtape Volume 1 with the E.$.M. Boyz and running laps around the city with DJ Takemoney Lump performing and pushing his new hit single “It’s A Movie”.


Granddaddy Trigg, always on the move, is about to release his highly anticipated mixtape "Alzheimer's " ( they must've forgotten). He’s been doing collaborations and shows with artist such as The Kartel Gang (a Queens Group on the rise) getting tens of thousands of viewers on the Worldstar network. Granddaddy Trigg can be found on Facebook, Instagram and at



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