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Philladondra Thompson, commonly known by her stage name PhillinMe’ was born in Michigan. PhillinMe’ later moved to Virginia at the age of 3. Since then She grew a fascination with performing arts. At the age of 7, she began to express her love of music while playing contemporary tunes in her fathers piano and composing her own songs. While pursuing other entertainment fields such as becoming a mixologist, promoting and Working as an A&R for a local record label; she found her calling to the stage. PhillinMe’ desires to be a role model not just for today’s youth but also for aspiring independent artist in the DMV as well as globally. 


PhillinMe’ began her campaign by performing and networking throughout the entire east coast. Although PhillinMe’ is an independent artist she decided to open her own entertainment label to give a home for succeeding artist.


PhillinMe’ is a recording artist who aspires to bring a different soulful sound while tapping into a plethora of genres. She also refers back to her A&R days at times, seeking great talent that can Accompany her music or represent her entertainment label. She ultimately desires to reach the highest level in music and entertainment; while build a major entertainment empire.



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