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Bringing confidence & empowerment to all ages through her energetic and vibrant music, female emcee Cyzle has been captivating listeners locally and worldwide with her catchy hooks and clever rhymes. With passionate raps that tell real stories; her life experiences and ability to turn reality into musical-fiction have put this lady on the map and gained her much respect amongst her peers for her intense lyrical prowess and cutting-edge flow.

Growing up, Cyzle idolized infamous rapper Busta Rhymes, practicing his rhymes daily until she built up her own skillset on the mic. Incorporating influences from R&B and singers like Kelly Rowland into her mix, eventually, Cyzle could contain herself no longer – it was time for her to shine her own bright light on the world and pursue the dream of career-making music.

Since then, she has gone on to bring her music right to the forefront of people’s hearts and minds through her incredible ability to tell her tales in a relatable way. With energy and stage presence, she has both hosted and performed in nightclubs all over Houston, Texas and has had her music played on the radio as a featured artist many times over. Night after night and performance after performance, the strength of her passion, her talent for putting rhymes to beats and her powerful lyrical dynamics are winning new fans over every time they hear her voice. Cyzle is currently writing new rhymes for a highly anticipated release following the success of her last three hot singles; “This Is For The Ladies,” “Patty Cake,” and “My Turn.” A true voice for those that can’t speak up loud enough for themselves; Cyzle is not only an extraordinarily dedicated and exciting performer to listen to and watch but also a tireless defender of the rights of the people and brings attention to critical social issues through her music in hopes to inspire change for the greater good of us all.



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