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Omgwavy’s music career began at the tender age of 14 when he produced and released his first notable hit, “Love Yourself,” a song about self-worth and self-love he wrote for a heartbroken friend who contemplated suicide.The Atlanta-based artist and songwriter followed up that success with the release of his debut album, “House of Waves” on SoundCloud. The album reached 7 million plays worldwide in the first three days and received high marks for its melodic cohesiveness, maturity, and lyrical prowess. Laura Snapes of rated the self-produced feat an 8.4, writing, at mere age 15, “Omgwavy’s debut album is sentimental, mature and defiant: the sound of a young man exploring love, turmoil, and triumph.” A year later, Omgwavy followed up that modest success by releasing a series of singles, including popular tracks, “Millionaire,” “Seasick,” and “Diving,” and “Trapanese,” currently streaming on all platforms. Now, Omgwavy is set to release his newest track and video, “Not Hard to See (H2S).” The new single is a fresh sound about cutting “snakes and fakes” out of your life and elevating ride or die, loyal friendships. “Music is my passion. I want my fans and listeners to take a journey with me,” says Omgwavy. “I want them to understand that is okay to be true to yourself. insecure, in love and heartbroken.”

The 18-year-old artist attends Cobb Horizon School in Cobb County, GA. His given name is Lawrence Jamal- Evans Young II. He was born in Dallas, Texas. His interest in designing clothes, snowboarding, and listening to political-and current event podcasts.

QUOTES: “Omgwavy’s use of music, lyrics, and visuals are a testament to his creativity and talent. The messages in his songs are a breath of fresh air – the trapping genre here focuses on positive ways of making a living rather than peddling drugs. Love it!”

Tamara Banks, Emmy Award Winning Journalist, managing editor for the National Association of Black Journalists News Network.

“A phenomenal artist with positive lyrics. Hip-Hop with a message.”

Deon J. Hampton, NBC News Correspondent

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