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SoullowDolo is the music industry’s answer to boredom and monotony. He combines his meager upbringing in Chicago, Illinois, and Flint, Michigan, with an unexpected deep introspection to fashion music that imbues stealthy enlightenment. Do not be fooled by his abrasive lyrics; he plans to teach his devotees lessons that he learned the hard way, through his throaty verbiage. Soullow has already shown his talent on the reality show Frankie and Neffe on BET. He is taking over the world silently. His latest hit, “Molly and Mary,” garnered nearly 318,000 hits in just days after being posted. “Black and Gold” is the appropriate follow up for this “silent hustle.” From Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is to The Frankie and Neffe Show, and now in production, a new reality show will allow the world to see just who SoullowDolo is. Soullow has spent his time in the background. He has opened for Jay-Z, DMX, Snoop Dogg, to name a few. Now it’s his time to shine. Now, with the upcoming debut solo album “Royalty,” sparks are flying from the heels of this rising star. He has moved from writer to artist to television producer right under our noses. Using his charisma and work ethic, he forged relationships that have allowed him to pursue a reality project of his own making. SoullowDolo is definable as an instrument of intellect disguised in the reality of growing up from humble beginnings, nearly losing his life when he was robbed and shot in his own home, and struggling to be a great father and husband, all while succeeding in the unforgiving entertainment industry. Already he has evolved as a man and an entertainer and flaunts a performance and lyrical maturity seen only in more seasoned artists. Big-name artists are seeking outplacement on his projects. Soullow insists that the best is yet to come. His love of family, knowledge, and truth will translate into rare, authentic music that resonates in the souls of his public and skeptics alike. SoullowDolo is a rare breed, not interested in the fame, he continues in entertainment for the joy of it, measuring his success by the happiness of his family. He will surely be known not only for his musical talent but for his ability to help others, professing that he wants to be “remembered for my deeds on this planet.”

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