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Cleva Thoughts is an exceptionally talented and versatile independent hip-hop artist, songwriter, and visionary entrepreneur. With a unique blend of captivating music, thought-provoking lyrics, and remarkable achievements as an independent artist in the music industry. 

Gifted with the ability to put into words the essential thoughts of artists, Cleva Thoughts helps aspiring music artists express their artistry in a way that touches lives. Her rare gift in songwriting and lyricism is quite admirable and has earned her over 400+ five-star reviews from clients around the world. 

In addition to her musical prowess, Cleva Thoughts has performed at venues such as Pure Lounge, Power Nightclub, and a sold-out show with drum and bass Australian artist K+Lab at Splash. Captivating audiences at DC and Baltimore Pride with her powerful vocals and engaging stage presence. She has collaborated with club promoters like Blade Entertainment, TMS Entertainment, Telopath, and SSE Beezy, expanding her reach and bringing her dynamic performances to the DMV area and beyond.

Cleva Thoughts' journey as an artist is accompanied by a wealth of experience and accomplishments. Her music has garnered attention from influential blogs such as DMV Life, Voyage NY, Shoutout Atlanta, and Music Observer showcasing her ability to connect with listeners and spark meaningful conversations. Through her collaborations with these platforms, she has garnered a loyal following and gained recognition for her exceptional talent.

As an entrepreneur, Cleva Thoughts is driven by the desire to create a lasting impact. She has channeled her passion into groundbreaking projects like the Black Energy NFT collection, collaborating with esteemed 3D animation company DNA Block. Together, they are pushing boundaries, reshaping the landscape of music and technology, and inspiring a new era of creativity and possibilities.

Cleva Thoughts has now teamed up with FMBMC Entertainment to manage her career and with this relationship great things on her horizon.


Cleva Thoughts

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